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The INFO.NET websites are part of High Octane Solutions Inc.


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HOSI is a marketing and financing company dedicated to helping our clients find customers and providing financing solutions for their growth. MBE INFO.NET and our sister sites are tools that were built with a very clear mission. Be the one place on the web where businesses can go to market themselves, find resources and participate in an online community. MBE, SBE, VBE and WBE were all built to provide businesses that place to showcase what they can do and to do so without breaking the bank. Our goal was also to gather those resources of for-profit, non-profit and governmental agencies alike that exist to help your business grow and put them all in one place, so if you needed to find resources that cater to your specific group of businesses, then here would be the palce to find them. Lastly, it was/is our hope that these sites become the genesis of a community. The community we would like to see is the place where vendors, customers and suppliers alike and anybody else could exchange information, support, advice and successes freely and openly. This is why we bulit these sites.

It is our hope that you see the vision of what this can be, and we work together to make this place a place to fuel all businesses and further the spirit of community and service.

Thank you for your support, and welcome to High Octane Solutions, Inc.